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The World Federation of Yoga and Meditation has been created to assure the  communication and cooperation between various traditional yoga schools and genuine spiritual paths worldwide. We believe in the unity between science and spirituality and we consider that yoga is a spiritual science which provide the methods to realize this Unity inside us and also in the outer world. The tradition of yoga reveals the laws of the real spiritual science, having immediate practical applications.

At The World Federation of Yoga and Meditation we aim to promote and reveal the yoga science and methodology in its traditional forms, teaching not just physical techniques, but including the essential and fundamental theoretical principles behind the yoga system. In this way we can understand more fully how and why yoga works - yoga then becomes for us a valuable tool to be used for the complete transformation on all levels of the human being.

This federation provides knowledge, spiritual advice and the subtle support for understanding and putting in practice the spiritual teachings.

The method revealed by this federation has been applied with great results by tens of thousands of people all over the world. Being scientific and practical, it is easy to approach by the people of our modern world. Being also founded in the deepest spiritual tradition of our planet, this method leads to a profound spiritual transformation of the one who perseveres enough.
We know that yoga is not and cannot be a sport and also that yoga is much more than a “keep fit” method. Yoga is an accurate science of personal development and it has the power to transform every single aspect of your life in a positive way. Because the yoga techniques are natural, appropriate for our structure, logical and very effective, they can be practiced by everybody, irrespective of age, believes, religion, convictions, social status or physical health. You will have the understanding that life is much more than a sum of coincidences. And that you are the master of your destiny.