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An allegorical story

by Gregorian Bivolaru

allegoricalOnce upon a time, there was a marvelous cow, with a great udder; there was no cow alike in the world. We may say that was a unique cow. It used to give enormous amount of good milk everyday. As it grew famous, lots of people would come over and admire it. Some would even be so much impressed with its qualities that they reached to praise hymns for it. Many parents would talk to their children about this marvelous cow as an exceptional model of devotion, for it fulfilled all tasks. Some priests would also set it allegoricalas an outstanding example for the believers. The artists fell for it as a delightful model liable to inspire them in lots of artisitc fields. In short, any human being was leant to take advantage of this extraordinary animal. Apart from this the cow displayed some mysterious special feature, which most of the people missed, caught in rapture with its incredible qualities. This wonderful cow, her pink shoes often mudded with dung, had some strange bad habit. The dairywoman would milk her tasteful, unique milk, then the cow watched back to see whether the bucket was full and then kick it down from one single, skillful shoot.

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The seven stages of the spiritual evolution PDF Print E-mail

In his spiritual evolution, man passes through different stages, each of them having some specific characteristics. Recognizing these characteristics can open the path toward superior levels which leads us to perfection.

evolutionThe first stage emphasizes ignorance or total lack of knowledge and even of information concerning the nature of the spirit and of reality. This is, generally speaking, the case for the majority of people in the present time, who restrict themselves to believe blindly only what they can perceive with their five senses or only in science and mechanical technology.

The second stage emphasizes the more or less accentuated sensitiveness compared to other state of consciousness which can be produced accidentally or in an organized, traditional manner (for example, yoga practice); sometimes the awakening of the interest for spiritual aspects can be produced due to the releasing of some ineffable inner processes of resonance while learning a valuable spiritual text, the evidence of a great master, other times through a mystical experience or even during the paroxysm of a painful existential crisis; in other cases, the repeated frequentation of a group of spiritual people or even making an unconventional but efficient therapy can awaken gradually in the human being the respective beneficial subtle forces not suspected earlier.

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Some thoughts about humility and its price in the spiritual practice PDF Print E-mail
by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Motto: “He who will humble himself will be uplifted to God. He who will be full of vanity will therefore go down (crumble)”

humilityAmong all the spiritual qualities to depict the genuine practitioner growing close to perfection, humility along with love shines like a diamond in a royal crown. The more it is hard to be attained, the more it is wanted and appreciated by all genuine seekers of spirituality. It requires, most of all, a divine integration of the specific elements of the individual in the Universe.

The traditional spiritual doctrines all together require to give up the “I” and “mine”, which become relative as compared to the DIVINE SELF ( Atman) and to the divine will. The purifying fire of self-sacrifice of humility will consume the flaws of the confined being, and then will make the divine Spark inside man (ATMAN) shine freely inside of it. Man will therefore extend from Finite to Infinite, from potential to acting, from striving to fulfillment.

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Let God have the first place in your life! PDF Print E-mail

Faith can work miracles

by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

GodYou must always give God the first place, no matter what you do that is important. If you don’t give God the fundamental place in your life, you therefore miss the chance to ceaselessly feel him there, which implies you cannot relish his omnipresence. This means you cannot permanently enjoy his support, which actually is his almightiness. Also, you may be obstructed from God’s continuous guiding and inspiration you need in all basic things both for yourself and for helping the others. If you do not give God the first place in your life, most of the time, then you may no longer enjoy his omniscience, which can doubtlessly provide new, creative, quite brilliant solutions which can help you and even other people that might be in need. To conclude, people who do not give God the first place in their life cannot enjoy His support for all difficult issues that may require whether His mysterious help or a wise, divinely inspired solution.

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Aphorisms About Meditation PDF Print E-mail

by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

meditation1. The profound yogic meditation on God the Father can also be considerred a novel form of prayer, as the one who practices it prays in this way both in Spirit and in Truth.

2. The profound yogic meditation allows a better control over the senses and that is why it improves the practice of Sexual continence (during erotic games based on mutual love and transfiguration).

3. God the Father created us so that we should also make at least one profound yogic meditation daily, having Him as the subject of our meditation.

4. Due to the ineffable processes of resonance unleashed in our inner universe by a daily yogic meditation, a great beneficent energy accumulates in us, generating in ourselves a pure, sublime state.

5. The profound yogic meditation which is done daily generates in us a state of profound peace.

6. The profound yogic meditation which is done daily generates in us an ineffable state of harmony.

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