The Ineffable Sense of Sacredness – is that the seventh sense? PDF Print E-mail

by Gregorian Bivolaru

“There is a fundamental need for the human nature, an essential goal of the incarnated life – that of pursuing, consciously or not, the infinite experience starting from a finite ground.”
(Sri Aurobindo)

Sacredness_blue_EarthHave you ever considered what makes you strongly believe in your ideals and stick to them? Have you noticed your whole being uplifted by a sublime ideal you aim at?

Aspiration means in fact the unifying gear of some mysterious, highly divine forces connected to the most sublime aspects of our being. Aspiration is also a specific form of desire that triggers states of RESONNANCE, but at a superior level and which is awakened by the ideal patterns involved in the spiritual evolution. It has a profound, positive influence upon all our decisions and it also enables the inner states evolution and therefore the psychic, mental and spiritual progress.

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The 24 Hour Prayer PDF Print E-mail

Sanskrit Scriptures clearly state that if we speak to God for one day and one night without interruption, He will answer us. More precisely, we will truly be able to understand His answers, because of the accelerated elevation of our instruments of perception. Despite the method being extremely simple compared to the greatness and happiness of the divine answer offered to us, there are extremely few persons capable of making this effort. Even among the thousands of yoga practitioners who have received these revelations and who desire to communicate with God, very few have attained sufficient spiritual maturity. They are not purified enough to offer unconditional divine love, and so are incapable of being able to continuously invoke God through prayer for one day and one night ( 24 hours).

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Yoga and sexuality PDF Print E-mail

by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

yoga and sexualityThe genuine yoga tradition unveils a completely different approach in love and sexuality, highly more positive and plenary, unlike the confused and grotesque vision proper to most of the western people, either intoxicated or improperly educated.

The ancient philosophies acknowledged that the high pleasure shared between the two lovers in continent lovemaking, if wisely refined and controlled is a powerful means of consciousness broadening, bound to enforce spiritual evolution to each of them. The ancient world’s Chinese very well knew that and used to practice it just like other eastern peoples, including the Indian Tantra followers as well.

There are countless temples adorned with erotic sculptures of exquisite beauty, in India, China, Japan, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, etc. There are many religious and spiritual symbols in the East bearing an erotic connotation: the famous Shiva Lingam or the statues representing couples in intimate fusion, just to quote the best known.

A sexual active life, which is perfectly controlled, is not at all incompatible to YOGA practice or to the spiritual developing.

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Yoga and resonance PDF Print E-mail

According to yoga wisdom, everything is resonance


yoga and resonanceThe links that meet and sustain the elements of the Universe (things, beings, processes, created phenomena) have as basis the resonance phenomenon. Due to the resemblance between them, phenomena, objects or subtle energies harmonize, simultaneously vibrate, mutually and selectively evoking each other, by remote action, just like in the case of attuning two emission-reception stations on the same vibrating frequency. In such a case, it is well known that resonance takes place only when the frequency is adjacent or it synchronizes with one of the two frequencies (called own) the resonant system is capable of oscillating.

A transfer of energy from the stimulating system to the resonating one takes also place during resonance. When the resonance condition is reached, the amplitude of the oscillations increases a lot, presenting a certain maximum; it could become infinite if energy leaks due to rubbing factors did not exist. Being a selective phenomenon, resonance offers the possibility to distinguish less perceptible oscillations by other procedures, or to canalize a transfer of energy on a certain frequency in order to trigger a certain phenomenon, like an energy transaction or other kind, for instance.

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Yoga and family planning PDF Print E-mail

When they want to have children, each family or couple evidently wants them to be harmonious, healthy and intelligent. More than that, parents think in advance to have a “daughter” or a “son”. Nowadays, science has found modalities that help parents to know the sex of the future baby. Millennium yoga tradition offers simple methods that help determine the sex of the baby.

All ancient teachings on procreation underline the fact that mental attitude gets an immense importance in being successful in the process of conception. As the great Hindu master Atreya says, “It is said a child is born from a mother, a father, concordance (we could say it clearer, resonance) and nutrition. There is always a connection agent between all these: the mind”.

The child to be born is drawn in by resonance

It is known human being is not only physical body; it forms an energetical structure in continuous vibration and movement; it is also known that this energetical structure has condensations, real vortexes of force called wheels of energy or Chakras in Sanskrit. It communicates with the Universe and all its energies through them.

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