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Positive thinking is considered in yoga a success’ sine qua non condition, whether it is about success in yoga practice or in any other benefic action we want to. The reason why yoga puts such a high price on positive thinking is the knowledge of the occult law of resonance. According to it, our thoughts put us in resonance (energy subtle connection) with different force secret spheres of the Universe and facilitate, thus, a transfer of energy from them to us.

By these mechanisms, which are perfectly real and infallible even if they are secret, man gradually becomes what he thinks he is, as the yoga wise aphorisms say. We create our success or failure in any direction we go with the help of our thoughts. We are the ones creating our happiness or misery; we are the ones responsible for our inner developing and our external behaviour.

The thoughts of success and score put us in resonance with the energy of success while chaotic, predominantly negative thoughts put us in resonance with energies of failure, mistake, and disappointment. If you carefully analyze the lucky or the successful ones, you will notice they are full of optimism and self confidence.
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by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

YOGA is a genuine science of the human being and also a quite rigorous discipline, which unfortunately got rather coarsened and degraded in the West. As a term, YOGA stems in the Indo-European root, that could go in English for YOKE or JOIN, GATHER, MERGE, or BRING TOGETHER.

In Sanskrit, the main meaning of the word YOGA is harness, which goes with some representation of the human psyche as driven by some randy horses (the senses and passions), which strive to master the driver (the intellect, BUDDHI) whereas the reins represent the mind ( Manas).

This is at least the image in the most ancient texts of the Eastern tradition, the UPANISHAD. It is written that the helpless soul would unavoidably crumble unless practicing yoga, as a method to master the horses and even get off the cart, which implies to become a free spirit.

The oldest text about YOGA (1st century b.c.) belongs to Patanjali, it is a systematic presentation, entitled YOGA SUTRAS. Due to enormous information, the text is rather a guide, which was always supposed to go with some oral secret teachings. This is why for those who have never practiced yoga the text is actually a mystery.

YOGA as a method to release the spirit

For the East, the spiritual accomplishment or maturation is considered the only aim in life, which also is the only way to get the human being out of the cycle of incarnation and death. Therefore, YOGA prevails as a method of spiritual release.

Such an extraordinary accomplishment can only be attained after acquiring knowledge and control over the components of the human being, by means of severe methods. The most important parts of the body are those to go beyond death, i.e. the subtle body that will only disappear after the final release, when the only to survive is the purified intellect and the absolute, unconditioned Conscience the PURE BEING – PURE CONSCIENCE – PURE BLISS, SAT – CitAnanda.

In attaining the spiritual release, the supreme individual essence Atman (our Supreme, eternal Self) merges to the Paramount Principle PARATMAN, or Brahman (GOD), but it still does not disappear.

No matter the paths enforced by YOGA, they all lead to the same unique target: the Supreme.
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by Gregorian Bivolaru

The yang spiral meditation is a form of group meditation unique to the yoga branches of the Atman International Yoga Organization.

These meditations are organised to be performed in unison throughout the various branches of ATMAN such as TARA Centre UK , NATHA Denmark and MISA Romania.

The aim of the yang spiral meditation is to bring into awareness of the participants the presence of Cosmic Consciousness and to be part of the worldwide efforts of raising the consciousness of the planet and of entering into a superior stage of evolution of humankind.
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integral yogaWe all want true and lasting happiness. We find this happiness in many ways, depending on the level of spiritual development we have attained at any given time. It is important to reach true happiness. A genuine and efficient Spiritual path will offer ways and modalities to develop all aspects of our being so we can reach true happiness by fulfilling all aspects of our personality, physical, emotional, intellectual as well as spiritual.
In yoga, the body, the emotions, the mind and the intellect need to be developed optimally, so that they can function in perfect harmony with one another. When this happens one can live happy in a real sense. Then the body, the emotions, the mind, the intellect can be used as tools to transcend one's limits and to experience the Divine.

All of the world spiritual traditions agree that lasting happiness can be reached only by the knowing of what is permanent, eternal, in other words of the DIVINE, who is the Supreme essence of all beings and the source of Life. In time, people found names for this Reality like 'Self', 'Ultimate Nature', ' Brahman', Cosmic Consciousness, 'Infinity', 'Nirvana', etc.

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yoga practice
There are many answers to this question. We can even count lots of reasons for that. The most simple one is that through Yoga we can get HAPPINESS. Everyone seeks happiness, but people usually look for it outside themselves.
Yoga helps us understand that HAPPINESS must be sought inside ourselves because HAPPINESS actually means harmony of the body, mind and soul. By practising Yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation, one can reach that physical, psychological, mental and spiritual equilibrium that is the source of happiness. If correctly and perseveringtly practiced Yoga can offer a state of health and body harmony. It actually offers countless ways to improve our life and destiny, to enlarge our personality and attain self-knowledge.
Yoga can increase our state of awareness and urge us to a spiritual experience toward our being. The sublime aspects that Yoga can enforce inside of us will bring some unique touch that helps us discover the divine sense of our life integrated in the Absolute.
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