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A synthesis by yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru

There often is a tendency to oppose the will of asceticism and of denial of the touchable world – specific to yoga, to the systematical use of the manifestation, in all its aspects-which is specific to tantrism, or by other words to oppose the transcendence to the immanence and non-duality to duality. This presentation aims to match these concepts creating an original and exciting synthesis between Yoga and Tantra.

By these revelations we’ll realize gradually that in this world where everything is driven by the law of discontinuity, the tinny interstitial spaces between the action sequences actually represent those fissures where we have to jump without fear to reach the transcendence. The eternal present is there. As soon as we’ll have (by constantly implementing these ideas) the first ecstatic states we’ll be amazed to realize that reaching the illumination doesn’t necessarily require engaging ourselves in huge and spectacular actions.

Committing ourselves in full enthusiasm on this path we have to understand that the dangerous routine can only be changed into aware habit by lucid and detached observation; but this implies a radical inversion. Then, after we really accomplished these, we’ll continue to remain detached and will let our thoughts flow on…

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