The Ineffable Sense of Sacredness – is that the seventh sense? PDF Print E-mail

by Gregorian Bivolaru

“There is a fundamental need for the human nature, an essential goal of the incarnated life – that of pursuing, consciously or not, the infinite experience starting from a finite ground.”
(Sri Aurobindo)

Sacredness_blue_EarthHave you ever considered what makes you strongly believe in your ideals and stick to them? Have you noticed your whole being uplifted by a sublime ideal you aim at?

Aspiration means in fact the unifying gear of some mysterious, highly divine forces connected to the most sublime aspects of our being. Aspiration is also a specific form of desire that triggers states of RESONNANCE, but at a superior level and which is awakened by the ideal patterns involved in the spiritual evolution. It has a profound, positive influence upon all our decisions and it also enables the inner states evolution and therefore the psychic, mental and spiritual progress.

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Essential Elements Regarding MAHASHIVARATRI, the Great Festival of Shiva PDF Print E-mail
MahashivaratriIn India, Mahashivaratri, the spiritual night of Shiva, is traditionally consecrated to Paramashiva (the Supreme Shiva). Shiva's devotees unanimously consider it as being the most sacred night of the year.

The night of Mahashivaratri is the night before the day of the New Moon in February - March (according to the Indian astrological system – the lunar month, PHALGUNA). The yogis welcome this grandiose celebration as an exceptional spiritual opportunity. For this reason, they fast during the entire day and they stay awake for the entire night, meditating intensely using the MANTRAS of SHIVA (LAYA YOGA). The non initiates meditate simply by repeating Shiva's name continuously, with transfiguration, or by piously chanting songs of adoration to Shiva, or by adoring the famous symbol, the Shiva Lingam, aspiring with all their hearts towards PARAMASHIVA, THE HOLY FATHER.

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The Art of Blessing PDF Print E-mail

What is the art of blessing

The world exists, from a certain point of view, to awaken the faith in God in us. The Art of Blessing is the first essential step which the human being can take towards God. If the Art of Blessing awakens the faith in God in us in the beginning, through perservering practice of this extraordinary spiritual method we can “melt” into God, merging with Him completely. This initiation is unique in the world and we consider it to be an extraordinary revelation for the whole of humanity.

In the beginning it is enough to believe that God exists, or at least to have the inner openness to practice the Art of Blessing. That is sufficient for this “grain” to develop through the Art of Blessing to reveal an overwhelming splendor. When we reach ecstatic fusion with God, we understand that He is everything, He is the only One who truly exists. In a state of spiritual ecstasy, Samadhi, we see nothing but God, we also forget about ourselves because God is everything. The Art of Blessing makes us understand that the Divine Grace moments are not occasional. They are expressions of necessity and can be triggered exactly when we wish as a consequence of the Art of Blessing.
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