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ayurvedaAyurveda is a very practical system to protect and restore health. Its methods are accessible and easy to apply and also inexpensive. Ayurveda also contains objective knowledge that only direct experience can reveal.
Practical ayurvedic methods are non-traumatic, non-invasive, and do not interfere with other forms of treatment. They can intensify the effect of almost any form of healing and can therefore be administered without any problems or secondary effects in combination with other conventional treatments. From this point of view, it is good to know that Ayurveda has:

1. Ayurvedic procedures for those who have a relatively normal state of health (who don’t suffer from any serious complaints). These procedures have the role of both protecting the human being who applies them (by not allowing any illness to appear), as well as that of helping her to become more and more harmonious.
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ayurvedaToday, knowledge of the Ayurvedic system has become more and more widespread. Unlike many other systems of alternative medicine, Ayurveda started to be known in very many countries of the world. What the Ayurvedic system offers to the modern man is a broad, encompassing perspective, very accessible and perfectly natural for maintaining health.

Ayurveda reflects the profound reality of human life through some fundamental truths that manifest in nature. Ayurveda is based on universal principles, which are valid regardless of the geographic area where they are applied. It promotes a natural way of life, which can develop according to these essential principles of healthy living. This is possible in any cultural system where the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda is applied.
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ayurvedaAyurveda is simple because it uses general principles, synthesized as a result of a long, direct practice. The simplicity of Ayurveda is due to the fact that this science has reached the essence and for this reason it cannot be considered as being superficial or reduced.
The traditional Ayurvedic system is, at the same time, a precise and very well established science (including general notions and categories, as well as therapeutic modalities that have been carefully checked for thousands of years, through direct experience), as well as a real art of healing. Such an “art of healing” could not have been practiced except by those special human beings to whom spiritual realization could give the power to put life into all the healing acts in which they were involved.
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ayurvedaAyurveda represents a complex system of natural healing that originated in India . In Sanskrit, the word Ayurveda means ”The science of life”. ”Ayus” means ”life” and it refers to the fundamental energy of life. ”Veda” means knowledge or, in other words, science. Ayurveda therefore represents an invaluable treasure of theoretical and practical knowledge that helps us find the best ways to improve the life of the human being. The traditional Ayurvedic system appeared and was practiced on a regular basis in India , 5000 years ago.

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The mysterious influences of colours over human beings PDF Print E-mail


by Andrei Gamulea

Colours are present everywhere

inluence-colourOur whole existence is covered with colours: the wonderful colours from nature, the colours of the objects in our home, the colours of our clothes, the colours of walls from the rooms, the colours of buildings, the colours of cars and different vehicles we are travelling by, the colours of books, magazines, papers, the colours from movie scenes and those seen on the TV, the coloured lights from the feast fireworks, the colours of Christmas decorations and gifts, or the colours of flowers we offer to our beloved ones for their anniversaries.

All these represent as many moments we interfere with colours and get in contact with their effects. This is why it is useful to know which are the effects of each colour over the human being.

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