Three Fundamental Conditions to Have a Healthy Life PDF Print E-mail

by Andrei Gamulea, AYURVEDA teacher



healthyThe ancient science of life – AYURVEDA – states that in order to reach and maintain a good state of health and harmony the human being must observe three basic conditions:
1. healthy and natural diet,
2. proper regenerating rest,
3. perfect control over the sexual-creative potential
When these three vital and essential tings are constantly respected the human being can reach and maintain an excellent state of health and therefore have a long and happy life.
Just as a tripod can not remain in a standing position unless the three steady feet, the state of health of the human being is based on observing these three basic conditions. This ayurveda vision is very practical and extremely useful for all human beings, no matter the age or sex, no matter the country or the intellectual level.

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