12. The ten things wherein one erreth not Print
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1. In being free from attachement to all objects, and being ordained a bhiksu(1) into the Holy Order, forsaking home and entering upon the homeless state, one doth not err.

2. In revering one’s spiritual preceptor one doth not err.

3. In thoroughly studying the Doctrine, hearing discourses thereon, and reflecting and meditating uponit, one doth not err.

4. In nourishing lofty aspirations and a lowly demeanour one doth not err.

5. In entertaining liberal views [as to religion] and yet being firm in observing [formal religious] vows one doth not err.

6. In having greatness of intellect and smallness of pride one doth not err.

7. In being wealthy in religious doctrines and diligent in meditating upon them one doth not err.

8. In having profound religious learning, combined with knowledge of things spiritual and absence of pride, one doth not err.

9. By passing one’s whole life in solitude [and meditation] one doth not err.

10. In being unselfishly devoted to doing good to others, by means of wise methods, one doth not err.

These are The Ten Things One Erreth Not.

(1) Bhikshu ( Skt. )- Bhikkhu ( Pali) : a member of the Sangha, the Buddhist Order of those vowed to the Path of World Renunciation.

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