3. The Ten Things To Be Done Print
Thursday, 06 November 2008 13:53

10_things_to_be _done

1. Attach thyself to a religious preceptor endowed with spiritual power and complete knowledge.

2. Seek a delightful solitude endowed with psychic influences as a hermitage.

3. Seek friends who have beliefs and habits like thine own and in whom thou canst place thy trust.

4. Keeping in mind the evils of gluttony, use just enough food to keep thee fit during the period of thy retreat.

5. Study the teachings of the Great Sages of all sects impartially.

6. Study the beneficent sciences of medicine and astrology, and the profound art of omens.

7. Adopt such regimen and manner of living as will keep thee in good health.

8. Adopt such devotional practices as will conduce to thy spiritual development.

9. Retain such disciples as are firm in faith, meek in spirit, and who appear to be favoured by Karma in their quest for Divine Wisdom.

10. Constantly maintain alertness of consciousness in walking, in sitting, in eating, and sleeping.

These are The Ten Things To Be Done.

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