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conference by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

karma yogaTime devours everything except those who have attained immortality. We can say that the human being can approach God when he consecrates everything he does. The moment he offers the fruits of his actions to God, and God receives this gift, as a fruit which is not to be used by the one who does the action, but by God, in that moment, the being becomes close to God, to the Eternal, and lives, to a certain extent, in the same way as God does. In this moment the human being can feel the embrace of God as Father, and he can realise what it is like to embrace God.

It is an essential thing, and we should not forget to offer the fruits to God; so we will be able to feel this divine state. After the consecration, we will feel that God Himself manifests through us, and in that way, we can feel his inspiration, grace, power, and we will be freed from the chains of Karma.

Many people are afraid of their actions. Why? Because actions, made without a consecration to God, enchain people. Sooner or later, in this existence or in a future one, these actions will oblige their author to suffer the consequences. If the action was bad, the fruits will be bitter. But even when the person performed good actions, he will be obliged to incarnate, to return and receive its fruits.

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karma yogaEvery authentic Spiritual path, every religion, every important philosophical system are all expressing in specific forms the fundamental effort of the human being towards Liberation. Consciously or unconsciously, everything in this Universe evolves faster or slower towards the same essential goal.

This Universe, even though it is gigantic, is just a part of an infinite existence. Restrained to a certain form which is subjected to space, time and determination (causality) we are perceiving parts of this Universe with our mind and senses (we can see it, feel it, touch it, hear it), we can draw it from our imagination, we can perceive its subtle force of influence and we can describe its specific principles and laws of manifestation.

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karma yogaThe practice of the Karma yoga system can be combined with the practice of other forms of yoga, especially Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja yoga, Laya Yoga. This is one of the main themes of Kåñna‘s teachings exposed in Bhagavad Gita. On this subject I will give several quotes:

"Abandon and offer all your works to the Divine." "No matter what you do, do it detachedly as an offering to me. This way you will be free of the good or bad results which are making chains of the selfish action." "Do all your actions detached, driven only by your love for me." "The one who is at the root of all beings and who permeates the entire Universe - only by adoring Him through activity done with detachment, can a person easily obtain perfection".

For Sri Aurobindo, Karma Yoga is most efficient when "we abandon our own will and our selfish desires to the Divine will". (Practical Integral Yoga)

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karma yogaWe have seen that, broadly speaking, the Karma yoga system can be resumed in four principles:

  1. Do not consider any detached action as being without importance, negligible and incompatible with the role we may think we have to play in life as Karma yogi-s.
  2. Do not egotistically desire or fear the results of your completely detached actions, which you accomplish as divine instrument.
  3. Do not egotistically attach yourself to the action while you detachedly perform it.
  4. Neither during an action nor afterwards should you consider yourself the author of that action, but the instrument through which God manifests.

The last three points, if misunderstood, can easily lead to a state of total lack of interest (which is a manifestation of selfishness!) towards the action that has to be done. In this case we will perform that action superficially, hastily, "it doesn’t matter how", because now we don’t feel responsible anymore. This is exactly the opposite of what Karma Yoga is in reality. In fact Karma Yoga puts a bigger responsibility on its practitioner.

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karma yoga
The theoretical grounds and techniques of action in Karma yoga are clearly stated by Kåñna in the Bhagavad Gita, with the only observation that the order in which these ideas are presented is not the most convenient for Western people. Briefly, the wise teachings of Kåñna are:

1. One can not be without action, even for a second.

The first statement: "The human being cannot be without action" has an exclusively theoretical character, serving as preparation for the second statement: "inactivity shouldn’t be the goal", which is of a practical nature and, as we will see further, it is addressed more to Easterners than Westerners.

We will proceed now to examine these aspects closely: In the Bhagavad Gita, Kåñna returns to them three times: - "not even for a moment can one be without action. Everything inevitably goes towards action". "Even your physical life", says Kåñna to Arjuna, "cannot be maintained without a continuous action".

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