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by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Yoga and parapsychologyYoga tradition has several legends upon great yogis’ wonderful lives and miraculous deeds. Even contemporary great yogis are capable of spontaneously realizing miracles or “paranormal phenomena”, in other words. The numerous unusual deeds in great yogis’ stories evoke the vast and complex problem of spirituality-parapsychology relation or, in this case, better said authentic yoga-parapsychology relation.

The miracle accompanies spiritual evolution

This full of mystery problem is not new at all. It is a historically certifiable fact that the very perseverant and determined in their faith people have strived for devotedly reaching a certain divine accomplishment for thousands of years. They inspired themselves from their time’s authentic traditions. When they fully reached their accomplishment, they became spiritually accomplished persons or great saints or wise men, as they are called in West and accomplished Masters or Liberated souls in East. Almost all of them manifested multiple and amazing paranormal capacities (siddhis), during and after their spiritual practice, and sometimes strange miraculous powers, which the ignorant ones, in particular, found very difficult to understand and explain.

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by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru
Yoga and parapsychology
A more accurate understanding of the Eastern philosophy is nowadays possible through Yoga. The East has already entered the History circuit and the European Conscience is stimulated to take the philosophies of the peoples present in History more seriously. On the other hand, the European conscience is more and more used to define by reference to the issues of temporality and historicity.

Central Issue Approached by the Western Philosophy: the Conditioning

For more than a century a part of the European scientific and philosophical effort has been consecrated to the analysis of the factors that “condition” the human being. Consequently they could reveal how and to which extent the human being is conditioned by his physiology, psychic, heredity, and social environment, cultural ideology in which he takes part, his subconscious mind, and especially the History by means of his own history moment and by means of his personal history. This last discovery of the Western thinking, namely that man is essentially a temporal and historical being and that he is not, and cannot be anything but what History made of him, still dominates the European philosophy.
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by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Yoga and womenIn most cases, women have no idea of the heritage they were naturally given. Their heritage is a big energy potential that is absolute necessary to spiritual life. Due to the lack of experience, this receptive female potential is often underestimated or never taken enough into consideration. In the present time, we discover that, in some cases, women are much more spiritually active.

If we analyze the proportion of the trainees of modern western Yoga, we notice a clear female predominant, thing that tends to sometimes transform in monopole concerning Yoga teaching. A simple look on the list of the teachers will immediately convince us. In Canada, for instance, percentages of 90% to 95% of women doing yoga can be easily noticed. This is not an arrow-head but a real wave!

God will always be masculine in the west, no matter if it is about the Father, the Son or the Holy Ghost and also his representatives on Earth: Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and so on up to the most humble priests in a parish. East knows the sublime notion of Divine Mother, close to the Divine Supreme, as well as the notion of Shakti (creative divine energy).

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by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Yoga and faithWise yogis consider that can means, first of all, to intensely and strongly believe in the unlimited secret possibilities of our being that needs to be in as much harmony with the entire Macrocosmos as possible. But, if to know indeed means, actually, can, to strongly believe represents much more than that, as this expresses the access to unlimited divine power itself. This is where the miraculous cure for so many diseases always comes from, among others. Diseases must be looked at as nothing but broken divine laws. These diseases manifest as a lack of resistance power in front of an external or internal aggressor.

Faith in us as divine nuclei represents a strong faith in God, ultimately. No external event or inner transformation can be influenced without the solid faith in our own capacities, gifts, and talents. In other words, we have to be the most optimistic as this is the only way we can succeed at maximum in optimizing our being and behaviour, starting from this great feeling of confidence that unlimited benefic forces, which come from God, can be brought in us by resonance and made to manifest themselves.

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Yoga and foodYoga considers the balanced lacto-vegetarian food that had completely excluded meat as a source of perfect health that will generate as inner reflex of our psyche an euphoric, complex state, quite consonant, consequent to the resonance to the subtle cosmic energies more or less in our proximity (i.e. up to a cosmic scale). Besides, the lacto-vegetarian food will trigger the complete balance of the being and its integration in the universal harmony, hence ineffable spiritual experiences will emerge in our inner universe.

The ancient wisdom of yoga states that we mostly are what we eat. The delicious meals that we relish finally reach our cells in a form more or less changed and keep staying there for a while, weighting on our vitality and health but also on our manner of thinking and on our spiritual experiences.

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