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The International Yoga Congress 2010 will  take place in Bucharest, Romania, between 13 and 17 october. It will be organised by Atman International Federation of Yoga and Meditation and will be hosted by MISA Yoga School.

The name of this edition of The International Yoga Congress is “God gives us a sign...”, based on the miraculous events that occurred in Herculane 2010 Yoga Camp, on the day of the meeting related to the Charismatic Movement.

This year, more than ever before, the International Yoga Congress in Bucharest is a very important event for our yoga school since it is an opportunity to share with a very large number of people our knowledge and experience. As you already know, Romania is a country with a great spiritual openness and people will attend the congress with great enthusiasm.

Especially in the light of the revelations related to the Charismatic Movement and also in connection to the possibility of catastrophic events in the near future, we need to become aware of the spiritual mission of our school and to participate to its fulfillment with all our heart.

As part of the International Yoga Congress "God gives us a sign...",  which is hosted by the MISA Yoga School in Bucharest, there will be a contest for Promoting the Spiritual Values. This contest will include three sections: a) HATHA YOGA contest, b) Subtle perception contest, c) Intelligence contest.

You can find here an inspirational video from the International Yoga Congress that took place in 2008: