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Sunday, 03 October 2010 10:50
From October 31st to November 7th the world of angels will be again coming to us, this year it will be very special because we will celebrate the Archangels’ Week. For one week we are going to get closer to our enlightening helpers, in various angel meditations as in our daily life. The only thing to do is to open our hearts towards their playful and pure reality full of light, love and compassion.
But also we ourselves can be like angels on earth, giving our fellow men a smile, attention and the love we all deserve, bringing back warmth in our hearts and enlivening true qualities of humankind: Love, Care, Compassion, Charity, Forgiveness.

Help the angels to be able to bring more light and love to our planet again.

Have a lot of pleasure and enlightening insights on this website. In the World of Angels you can find the descriptions of this years´ Angels. The subjects of the daily meditations you find at the Meditation program. If you would like to support these activities, you can find the necessary information at Angelhelper. Further informtion about us and a list of our yoga centers you can find at About us and Our Yoga Centers.

In the Angels´ Week there will be daily meditations in most of ours Yoga Centers. You are welcome to take part and bring with you all interested friends and relatives. The meditations are for free of course. The angels will be described before each meditation, contact your local Yoga Center for their exact schedule.

If you cannot come to a Yoga Center, you can also participate simultaneously at home. By resonance with all the participants throughout the world you will have an easy unison with the Angels. Make yourself a cosy place, disconnect the phone, light a few candles or incense sticks, whatever brings you into a relaxed, happy mood. Read the description of the Angels a few times and try to make yourself a clear as possible vision of them. Sit down for meditation in a comfortable position or a chair, relax your body, your emotions, your feelings and finally your mind. Listen to the inner silence. Feel deep inside yourself and remain, as good as possible, in this inner silence. If you now call the angels from deep in your heart, they will appear to you very fast. They are already patiently waiting for us.


Sunday, 31.10. 18.00-18.30 h * ARCHANGEL GABRIEL
Monday, 1.11. 18.00-18.30 h ARCHANGEL URIEL
Tuesday, 2.11. 18.00-18.30 h ARCHANGEL RAFAEL
Wednesday, 3.11. 18.00-18.30 h ARCHANGEL MICHAEL
Thursday, 4.11. 18.00-18.30 h ARCHANGEL ZADAKIEL
Friday, 5.11. 17.00-17.30 h ARCHANGEL METATRON
Saturday, 6.11. 15.00-15.45 h GUARDIAN ANGEL
Sunday, 7.11. 15.00-15.30 h ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

* All times are Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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