How To Meditate To Bring Harmony In Romantic Relationships

All you need to learn how to meditate is to meditate. Don’t read, listen to videos, spend money on courses and master classes. Don’t go to Asia or wear special clothes. Everything is a great deal simpler than it seems. Much easier than russian women marriage. Read a few tips and get started.


Start small. Two minutes is a great start. It will help you to avoid excuses "I'm busy" or "tired." When practice becomes an integral part of your daily life, gradually prolong the time of meditation. After a few weeks, you can easily meditate for 15-20 minutes a day without problems.

Time of day

You can achieve the maximum concentration in the morning after sleep or at the end of the working day. Try to time meditation for some household process. For example, do this before a cup of coffee or after a light jog. Dilute your usual life cocktail with a drop of silence.

A place

It’s important to find a corner in which you will feel quiet and comfortable. If you live alone, it’s advisable to allocate a small area of the house that will be associated with a place for relaxation. Later you will be able to meditate in different places at any time.


The mistake of newcomers is the wrong choice of position. Give up the lotus position if you feel discomfort. Meditation shouldn’t cause pain or discomfort. This is a pleasant process. Take the most comfortable position. You can sit on the edge of the chair, kneel on the floor or stretch out your legs, leaning against the wall. Meditation can be performed upright or lying down.


Meditation - is an incessant work, which requires increased concentration and constant presence. If you meditate in the morning, your body should be rested and ready for practice. Don’t start evening meditation immediately after coming home, after eating on a full stomach and doing sports.


The first obstacle to meditation is an unrestrained train of thoughts, memories from the past, dreams of the future, and endless introspection. Don’t blame yourself, thinking is normal. You are learning new things, it means that you have the right to habitual reactions and mistakes.

To stop the train of thoughts, take the role of an outside observer and forgo any reactions. Sooner or later, the thought comes away, and the picture disappears. Take a couple of deep breaths and then concentrate again on the sensations in the body. Praise yourself even for the smallest victories.

Gratitude and love

After the end of the meditation, don’t rush to open your eyes. Feel the love. You need to be full of it. And when it overflows you, give it to family and close people, to all living organisms. Finish the meditation session with the phrase: "I wish everyone happiness." Feel how you are filled with love, unlimitedly scattering it across the globe.

The act of love return recuperates you and gives positive energy for the entire day. Meditation isn’t an escape from the world, but a way to live for real and enjoy life. You learn to re-discover yourself. People who have achieved harmony in life admit that meditation is their medicine, which is available to everyone and always, free of charge.