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Thursday, 06 November 2008 14:38

meditationThis meditation is a wonderful way to begin and end your day. As it has a deeply harmonizing and euphoric, relaxing effect, it helps us directly perceive the subjective nature of space and time.

We lie down on a bed or on the floor and for 10 minutes, every morning or evening as we close our eyes, we firmly and clearly visualize the way that our vital, energetic body increases and expands more and more. We make it enlarge as much as possible also becoming aware that the energy allowing such deeply beneficent dilation comes from the Macrocosm. We continue the expansion until our body eventually reaches the room ceiling or - if we perform the exercise in the open air - the sky above. We will gradually become familiar with this vitalizing and euphoric feeling for two or three days and at the same time notice an extraordinary clear feeling of peace at the level of our entire body.

When we become fully familiar with this new vitalizing and euphoric feeling, we will visualize our body as dilating beyond the room or the sky boundaries and fill up the whole planet. Next we will sense it embracing the planet and encompass it. Therefore our subtle body will gradually become as large as our house. Next we will observe the gradual expansion until we are the size of our city or country and then as large as the whole planet. Then we will clearly sense as if the room we are in, the house, the city, the country and planet EARTH one by one inside our expanded (dilated) body. Next we continue our expansion by gradually encompassing the house surroundings and then we will feel the house inside our body. Next we gradually continue the expansion much outside the planet and through expansion we endeavor to encompass the entire solar system. In the end we will fill up the entire solar system with our expanded subtle body, mainly sensing the Sun, the Moon and all the other planets as if moving inside our expanded body.

This process of subtle dilatation of our being will be practiced perseveringly for seven days and afterwards it will be followed by the persistent repetition of the reversed process of contraction for seven days.

Now, as we lie down on the bed or on the floor we seek to feel the way our body is contracted. We sense it decrease turning smaller and smaller, so small that to a certain point it is nothing but an atom inside our heart. Next, we continue to feel the way this contracted atom, which is our subtle body, turns that small that it eventually disappears into something unique and eternal inside of us.

In the end of the seven days of persevering practice of this technique for the contraction of the subtle body, we will realize that from the subtle point of view, we are able to become that small that it is be almost impossible for us to determine our own location.

Therefore we will become fully aware that through dilatation we can turn as unlimited as the solar system, feeling able to “embrace” all that surrounds us. Or, we will notice the fact that through contraction we can turn as miniscule and invisible as a tiny atom. We will therefore train ourselves for the expansion and contraction motion for seven days each, rigorously following all the previously described stages.

By practicing this technique for 5-10 minutes daily for 14 days, the positive effects emerging will be the following: an increased feeling or inner welfare, an ocean-like and nuanced state of happiness. At the same time will feel light, imponderable, deeply centered and much balanced. During the higher stages of practice of this technique, the human being may reach the ecstatic state of cosmic consciousness (that yogis call Samadhi).

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