Why practicing Yoga? PDF Print E-mail
yoga practice
There are many answers to this question. We can even count lots of reasons for that. The most simple one is that through Yoga we can get HAPPINESS. Everyone seeks happiness, but people usually look for it outside themselves.
Yoga helps us understand that HAPPINESS must be sought inside ourselves because HAPPINESS actually means harmony of the body, mind and soul. By practising Yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation, one can reach that physical, psychological, mental and spiritual equilibrium that is the source of happiness. If correctly and perseveringtly practiced Yoga can offer a state of health and body harmony. It actually offers countless ways to improve our life and destiny, to enlarge our personality and attain self-knowledge.
Yoga can increase our state of awareness and urge us to a spiritual experience toward our being. The sublime aspects that Yoga can enforce inside of us will bring some unique touch that helps us discover the divine sense of our life integrated in the Absolute.

These are some of the ADVANTAGES of yoga practice:
  • removes the stress of everyday life.
  • helps the healing of various physical illnesses, has a beneficial effect in the case of emotional tensions, depression and various other nervous ailments.
  • memory improves and the mind functions better at all levels
  • improved immune system
  • state of deep calm and inner peace
  • opens the way to wisdom
  • one becomes free from prejudices, inhibitions and various other limitations
  • improved communication ability
  • harmonious sexual life
  • strong will power
  • increase in self-confidence
  • the ability to succeed
  • harmonious body by regaining one's ideal weight
  • muscle strength
  • improved attention and concentration
  • awakens and amplifies the capacity to love
  • opens one's being towards a real spiritual communication with the Universe, with God.